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24 Juni 2016

Triple P-Effekte aus großer Studie in der Praxis repliziert

Triple P hat dazu beigetragen, in Santa Cruz (Kalifornien, USA) Kindesmisshandlung und Vernachlässigung zu reduzieren. Dies legt ein aktueller Fünf-Jahres-Bericht nahe. Lesen Sie mehr in englischer Sprache!

The evaluation by child advocacy organisation First 5 found that Triple P is an effective and universal public health parenting intervention that supports a diverse range of families, the effects of which last long after delivery of services have ended.


Triple P is provided to families countywide by First 5 Santa Cruz County, the County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency, the County of Santa Cruz Human Services Department and several non-profit organisations.


First 5 Santa Cruz County Executive Director David Brody said five-year data showed that Triple P had helped “turn the curve’’ on children’s health and well-being at a population level.


“This can be attributed to a number of factors, including other policies and programs that are helping more children grow up in safe and stable families,’’ Mr Brody said. “But we have no doubt the widespread availability of Triple P has been a vital contributor in making a collective impact on child abuse.’’


Mr Brody said First 5 Santa Cruz and its partners decided to introduce the evidence-based Triple P system after child abuse rates rose in the county in the years leading up to 2008.


Triple P America Chief Executive Officer Brad Thomas said First 5 Santa Cruz County had set out to replicate findings of a US Centers for Disease Control-funded study in South Carolina which showed that Triple P stemmed rates of child maltreatment.


“First 5 Santa Cruz and their partners’ diligent and dedicated work has shown that it’s possible to turn ground-breaking research into effective everyday practice that helps local children and their families,’’ Mr Thomas said.


“Santa Cruz County will continue to reap the rewards from this investment in early intervention and prevention many years down the track as the long-term benefits for children, families and communities are realised.’’


The report suggests that both English and Spanish speaking families found the Triple P strategies relevant and helpful, once again indicating the cultural applicability of the Triple P model and the common language of positive parenting.


Evaluation data also showed that Triple P’s parenting strategies became tools that gained traction and usefulness with parents as they continued to learn, practice and self-evaluate at home.


“It is this parent-driven process that enables practitioners to tailor an international, evidence-based, manualised program to the needs of individual parents in Santa Cruz County,’’ the report states.


The report, Strengthening Families in Santa Cruz County, 5-Year Report 2010-2015, is available here: